At Hypermynds we value your talent. We are a group of young, creative and passionate people immersed in a stimulating environment where innovative ideas are promoted and where hard work and commitment are rewarded.

We are constantly looking for the next Hypermynd: someone who is a natural problem solver, prepared to face new challenges and eager to learn and to be part of a vibrant team.

What we offer is a unique professional opportunity in a meritocratic enviroment with concrete career possibilities.

If you want to be part of the Hypermynds team, please consider the following requirements. For the particular nature of what we do, we won’t consider applicants that do not meet all of them.


We can only consider applications from people with a Master Degree in Engineering, Mathematics or Physics.


It is mandatory to master the fundamental concepts of linear algebra, operational research and applied statistics.


We are R programmers: it is critical to know R language because it is the idiom we speak everyday.

Fill the application form and don’t forget to leave a striking message to let us know why you think you are suitable for Hypermynds.

Thanks for your choice and… good luck!

Application Form