Hypermynds is an innovative start-up focused on using the power of data science and artificial intelligence to revolutionize the decision-making processes within your company.

Using advanced mathematics, Hypermynds automates the most critical high-impact processes, building tailored cross-functional solutions that have a broad and substantial impact on Finance & Accounting, Marketing & Sales, Risk Management & Control and Trading & Procurement.

We bring data science to everyone

Data science revolutionizes the way you make decisions. Using advanced mathematical methods we automate your most critical high-impact processes.

This is no longer science fiction! We provide custom solutions to each of your everyday issues, saving you from every hassle.

We believe in math-driven decisions

Decisions based on reliable and objective data, achieved through a logical-inductive process that allows you to systematically consider all possible scenarios.

We call them math-driven decisions: the most accurate decisions you could ever take.

We are in love with automation

Manual tasks are a waste of time, money and often a risk. We believe that human interactions must be dedicated to more valuable decision-making activities. Our solutions are fully automated, free from any dummy work thanks to AI techniques.

That’s how our products come alive!

How we work

Our typical workflow can be summed up like this:


This is where raw data is cleaned, fixed and organized in a homogeneous data-set. This is where we can start conducting robust and reliable analysis.


This is where we build the engine. The magic happens and tons of data start talking. All of this is made possible by top-notch machine learning and artificial intelligence models.


This involves cool interactive dashboards and automated insights. Here we make sure to keep the flow of information fast and relevant to decision-makers.

We build in-house solutions

We are mainly R Developers. We love to code using R and we think the R ecosystem is the greatest framework available to work in data science performing everyday data analysis and producing automated reports.

To make our apps reliable, we usually install them on a remote Ubuntu server using PostgreSQL databases hosted on Amazon Web Services.

We develop all our solutions by ourselves: from the R engine to the deploy on the application server, from database management to the construction of beautiful UI using R Shiny.

Did we already mention that we love tidy things? That’s why we use GitHub and Slack to manage our solutions' workflow and to keep the team connected.