In the dynamic world of energy trading, optimally managing a portfolio, whether it consists of production plants or end customers, is a constant challenge. Hypermynds aimed to develop a solution capable of automating the submission of orders on the electricity exchange, ensuring 24/7 operation to maximize our clients’ economic benefits.


To meet this challenge, Hypermynds designed and implemented the Domino service, a pioneering solution that combines advanced technology and analytical expertise. We developed an interface from scratch for direct interaction with the electricity exchange, complemented by a set of APIs for seamless integration with third-party systems. The heart of our solution is an autotrader based on a sophisticated mathematical engine, designed to make real-time trading decisions, continuously optimizing buying and selling strategies.

300.000 orders automatically submitted to the electricity exchange

500 GWh traded

1,2 milion euros economic benefit

300.000 ordersautomatically submitted to the electricity exchange

500 GWhtraded

1,2 milion euroseconomic benefit


The implementation of our system marked a turning point in energy trading. In just the last year, the system generated exceptional results:

  • More than 300,000 orders automatically submitted to the electricity exchange.
  • Over 500 GWh traded, corresponding to approximately 7% of the total trades conducted by all operators in the Italian market.
  • An economic benefit of more than 1.2 million euros for our clients, demonstrating the effectiveness of Domino in maximizing returns.

These results not only highlight the efficiency and reliability of our Domino autotrading service but also our commitment to innovation and the success of our clients in the energy sector. With Hypermynds, the future of energy trading is already here.


No licensing costs, no installations, no IT.